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For thousands of years, Shea Butter has been used for its healing and skin care properties.

History has stated that during Cleopatra’s era in Ancient Egypt, Shea Butter was considered a valuable ingredient to protect skin and hair from Africa’s fierce sun and hot dry winds.

What Is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter comes from the fruit of the African Shea tree which has scientific name Vitellaria paradoxa and also well known as Karite tree.

The texture of Shea Butter is not like the texture of butter you know which is soft and silky; instead the texture is a bit lumpy like hard ice cream.

As solid fatty oil, Shea Butter could melt as well, so it could be absorbed by skin. The buttery pure is derived from the nut of Shea fruit. For the Shea Butter, the nut will be crushed, boiled and processed.

Shea Butter Benefits

Natural Moisturizer for Skin

The fatty acids contained in Shea Butter are the reasons why it is so moisturizing for skin and make it a perfect natural lotion.

Peeling Your Skin

The texture of Shea Butter, especially raw or unrefined, is perfect for peeling your skin. It is not too rough but has its own soft texture which will be melted away to be absorbed by your skin.

Effective Skin Sun Block

There are a lot of sun block products out there which are packed with chemical ingredients which are dangerous for your skin. Shea Butter is an effective natural sun block solution.

However, with current UV A and UV B, it is not safe for you to only depend on Shea Butter which only has SPF 6 to protect your skin. Nonetheless, for daily usage inside buildings, Shea Butter is a perfect sun block.

Treats Dry Skin Naturally

It is not easy to get rid of dry skin in your knees and elbows, especially those who spend of their time inside air conditioned rooms. Keeping a jar of Shea Butter to apply regularly could treat dry skin naturally and effectively.

Greats for Chapped Lips

You could say good bye to lips gloss for the rest of your life because whenever you have chapped lips, you have Shea Butter to get rid of it.

Solution to Stretch Marks

After pregnancy the horror most women should face is stretch marks. Some said, it is impossible to get rid of, but Shea Butter has been proven to be effective in eliminating stretch marks completely.

Good Bye to Dark Spots

There are some factors that could cause dark spots in your skin. They are not harmful but could look really ugly, especially when the dark spots are accumulating in one area.

Shea Butter contains vitamin A and vitamin E that help to get rid of dark spots.

 Protects Skin Natural Oil

One of the reasons why your skin is getting dried because factors like water and wrong body soap could endanger the stock of natural oil in your skin. If you are applying Shea Butter to your skin regularly, it will provide protection to the skin’s natural oil as well.

Effective to Treat Acnes

You must be thinking that the fatty oil contained in Shea Butter could cause acnes instead of cure them. Well, most cosmetic products contained oil as well but they are different.

Oil from cosmetic cannot be absorbed and instead stay in your pores that lead to acnes; oil in shea butter will leave nothing in your pores.

Wrinkles Reduction

Everyone will have wrinkles because everyone will be aging. However, premature aging is the problem whereas you could have wrinkles in the wrong age. Shea Butter could help you dealing with this condition effectively.

No More Eye-bags

With all the works you have, some meetings you should attend, it seems 24 hours is not enough. Whenever you wake up in the morning with eye-bag, just apply Shea Butter and it will work like magic.