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While the name Cymbopogon may sound unfamiliar to the most of us, citronella sure doesn't.

Citronella essential oil is extracted from the asian grass plant Cymbopogon, better known as lemongrass, hence its distinguishing lemony smell.

It is one of the most famous essential oils and not without a cause.

A natural strategy against pests

People have been using this renowned extract for its antibacterial and soothing properties but mainly for its effect as a natural insect repellent.

Its crisp scent is capable of concealing the odours that attract various insects including mosquitoes, lice and stable flies. As a result they become disoriented and cannot locate a target.

Citronella has been registered as a gentle, plant-based insect repellent in the U.S. since 1948 and is considered to be a non toxic way to keep harmful insects away.
The ability to work as natural barrier to these pesky bugs makes it indispensable for the sunny season.

How to use

To get the most out of its repellent effect, it is usually applied on the skin to avoid the nasty bites but it can also be used to treat areas where an insect has stung.
It is possible to find citronella in its pure form as an essential oil or as drug store product like a lotion or spray.

Health benefits of citronella

Citronella is also known for its medicinal properties since ancient times.

Antioxidant activity

Its effeciency against free radical damage makes it a poweful antioxidant. It protects from oxidative stress and can reverse cellural damage.
Additionally it improves blood flow and like so, stimulate blood circulation.

Anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties

Citronella has exceptional anti inflammatory properties and inhibits the growth of microbes. It is effective against bacterial and fungi infections.

These properties offer respite from pain and soreness while helping wounds to heal faster thus protecting them from developing sepsis.

Stress reliever

Citronella also works wonders as an antidepressant. It is valued for its ability to offer invigoration, uplift negative moods and induce feelings of hapiness.

Further, it provides relief from muscle spasms and menstrual cramps.

Safe to use

Studies have shown that citronella is safe to use for it doesn't have any side effects and there is no evidence of human toxicity.

Therefore, it is considered safe even for children and other sensitive population.
Since it is pure, without any synthetic or artificial ingredients, it doesn't pose a threat neither on wildlife nor the enviroment.

Thanks to its natural power, it drives insects away without any toxic mode of action.